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We sell businesses to other businesses

We sell businesses
to other businesses

Mergers & Acquisitions
SME's, Niche businesses and Start ups

International sales..... Cross border buyers increase your sale value

International sales.....
Cross border buyers
increase your sale value

Your infrastructure can be very valuable...

Let us find the real value in your business

Let us find the
real value in your business

M&A Mid Market Specialists
discovering opportunities and future growth
we can find great Acquisitions

Looking to Grow......
we can find great Acquisitions

M&A Specialists will find you acquisitions.....
and cross border is a speciality


WhiteEdge is a Mid Market M&A Company with an exciting Business Brokerage Division

Why White Edge
Selling Business in UK

WhiteEdge is a Mid Market boutique M&A company that specialises in selling businesses (with a price range above £1m) + to other business. We use research and sophisticated databases in order to make Direct Contact .

WhiteEdge also has a Business Brokerage Division for selling businesses that are usually bought by individuals who find these businesses through advertising listing sites.

Selling any business demands expertise and experience. It needs an experienced eye to identify your opportunity and to then present your opportunity to targeted buyers. It also needs expertise to find the right buyer or investor and to negotiate the right deal.

You can count on White Edge to deliver in all areas

It all starts with finding buyers


Selling your business
Selling Your Business

We will identify your opportunity and get your company ‘deal ready’. We value your business and will present it in a way that will excite buyers. Our research and expertise will find you qualified buyers and our negotiating team will close your deal.

It starts with research


Raising Equity Capital
Raising Equity Capital

Equity investors are now very much back in the business of looking for great investment opportunities. Equity investors vary tremendously in what they are looking for, what they will invest and how they look at investment opportunities.

White Edge knows how to package your opportunity and where to place your business


Make M&A work for you

Is it the right time for you to sell?

Let's identify your opportunity and find the right buyer
The Opportunity

People running existing businesses are often too close to see the opportunities within their business. As deal makers we will find the opportunities and use them to sell your business




Selling a business or raising equity finance is about connecting the buyer with your opportunity. It’s not about history, it’s about potential. It’s about explaining deal options and the ‘upside’ for the buyer or investor



Through research we need to identify the companies that are leading the sector and we also need to look at similar sectors to yours. If a cross border sale is a possibility we will also look at the sector in other countries as part of the process



we can find great Acquisitions

Qualifying potential buyers is part of the negotiation process. Closing a deal is much easier if you are talking to a buyer with the resources to do a deal. The right buyer and an opportunity that makes sense for the buyers business.


Selling your business?

Why you should work with us

We are a professional Mid Market M&A consultancy. We work with small to medium sized businesses.

We have a specialist Business Brokerage division for companies that will usually find buyers on Advertising listing websites.

Each project is different. There is no rigid formula but there are general guidelines…

  • We discover the unique opportunities within your business
  • We get your business ‘Deal Ready
  • We present your business opportunity in a way that focuses on the future opportunity for the buyer or investor and on the deal structure to complete the deal
  • We research your sector and identify key companies that we think will want your business opportunity
  • We negotiate and control all aspects of the sale process or funding exercise through to completion

Frequently asked Questions

The sector is not important. It is the business opportunity and the fact that the other party (the buyer or investor) will usually be another business. Our M&A business sells businesses that will be bought by other businesses. Our Business Brokerage Division sells businesses to people who will usually buy a business through being attracted on an advertising listing website. e.g. a pizza bar, a garage, a hairdressers salon etc

People often follow accepted formula’s. It might be a multiple of trading profit, it might be a sum equivalent to the turnover. We take account of all the formula’s-but in the end a business is worth what somebody will pay.

We focus on the actual opportunity. The opportunity might be worth far more to somebody else than a simple formula. For us it is the opportunity and matching the opportunity to a business that can really benefit from the opportunity. Formula’s are usually just baseline guidelines

It is a process- identification of the real opportunity, presentation and research to find a business that will want to take advantage of the opportunity. Realistically you have to allow 4-6 months for the average sale process.

Selling a business handled by our Business Brokerage Division normally takes about 9 months. It is dependent upon the advertising and general business sentiment.

It comes back to the opportunity. A company wanting to break into the UK and Europe will be attracted to your existing infrastructure. A Uk company will probably want to cut and save money on your infrastructure. It is therefore not as valuable to a UK business as say a US company.

All deals are different but the cross border dimension is often very powerful

All the businesses handled by our Business Brokerage division are advertised on all the major listing websites.

How M&A clients are handled depends on the business and the client. In some cases we will combine advertisements with the direct contact approach.It depends on the opportunity and the client.

It is a lot easier in that we know the companies that will invest. But you really have to identify and quantify the opportunity for them in a very special way. People give equity finance for one reason- they want to benefit in the future success of your business.

Experience and a Professional Process.
Selling a business or raising equity capital is straightforward if the process is handled in a professional manner. It is never about the past but always about the future. The buyer or investor needs to see the future vision and it helps if you have already taken steps towards that future vision
Experience & Expertise

WhiteEdge works with companies in the small to medium size bracket. Usually they are companies that are successful and looking to exit by a company sale.  There are many M&A firms who work only with large corporates and are not interested in the smaller deals. That is our market gap. We have experience in handling your type of business and your size of business. It is a very different process to working with a large corporate.

Being Deal Ready

How does your company look to a potential buyer? Are you too close to the business to judge this? When we work with you we look at your company from a different perspective. We focus on the opportunity for the potential seller and we look for businesses that we think will want the opportunities you have. Getting the business ‘deal ready’ is the first initial step in selling or attracting investors

Finding the Buyer

Businesses sold by our Business Brokerage Division will usually be sold to somebody attracted to them by an advertisement on a listing website.

Our M&A clients have businesses that will be bought by other businesses and therefore for these companies we use research and a direct approach.

We’ve helped company owners sell businesses and buy businesses by providing an excellent M&A service. Your success starts here.
Anthony Barry- Commune

I have worked with WhiteEdge on a number of acquisitions and sales. They are very professional and get results. I have no hesitation in recommending WhiteEdge. They know their business

Anthony Barry- Commune

John McGovern-New York

WhiteEdge have handled a number of acquisition projects for us. They have always been professional and efficient. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

John McGovern-New York

Makower & Co. Paris

WhiteEdge did an initial assessment and we all concluded that it would be best to look for an overseas buyer. WhiteEdge quickly organised a series of database’s for Japan, China, India, the USA and Canada. I cannot recommend WhiteEdge enough for their professional approach and  attention to detail 

Jane Makower, Makower & Co. Paris

We have strong business relationships with Mid Market M&A firms in Europe and North America. We are organised to provide clients with a truly International service. We have many ties with Accountants and Lawyers who specialise in M&A in most jurisdictions.
We have an extensive support network. We can create campaigns to find buyers or sellers quickly and we have a roster of professionals who can add to the M&A mix as, and when they are needed.
Selling Business in UK

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