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Presentation is everything when you’re selling a company

Time was when a business sale presentation with a slide show and a nicely bound document would do the trick.

But that was before today’s technology, when business habits were quite different.

Then again, ‘one to one’ meetings with potential buyers have always been essential – and always will be.

WhiteEdge’s initial presentation

We start by sending out teaser mailers or letters which generate interest in potential buyers.  Once we have a shortlist, it’s up to us to present the kind of information which develops that interest further.

This information would include a good overview of the company for sale, and the obvious and not-so-obvious opportunities it offers.

There’s no point in collating such material and binding it up nicely because more than one member of the buyer’s board is going to want to study it at the same time.

They’ll all be wanting to get to the relevant facts as quickly as possible, and then go on to check out the company for sale via what they see its website.

And if the buyer is still interested in the purchase of that company, the WhiteEdge Initial Memorandum of Sale cements that interest.


WhiteEdge’s presentation style

These days it’s common practice to present information of all kinds with spreadsheets.  They’re easy to understand, and people are used to the concept and format.

So for each relevant point, we tend to convey that point with a spreadsheet.  For example, people can assimilate a list of overheads or assets and valuations much more easily than by searching through a large but nicely-bound folder.

We often use Dropbox to collate and distribute these spreadsheets as separate files.  These would include:

  • Accounts for previous years
  • Schedules for all financial data
  • Marketing reports
  • Digital Footprint reports
  • New Business Analysis

We speak to the potential buyer at every possible opportunity – you could consider it an ongoing presentation.  And every time we speak with the buyer it gives us the chance to talk about the business, qualify it – and sell it.

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