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Cross border M&A

More cross-border M&A deals are being done now than ever before

Cross-border M&A deals give companies unprecedented opportunities to expand into new markets. And that’s why such deals are particularly attractive to sellers.

Modern technology makes cross border M&A deals so much easier

Before the internet simplified international communications, finding target companies elsewhere around the world was complicated, frustrating and above all, slow.

Although we work mainly within Europe and the United States, nowadays we can have information we need in seconds.

And as major companies purchase subsidiaries in different countries, it’s easy to identify other companies which service them.

This way we can predict whether they, too, will move into those different countries.

Business portals such as LinkedIn makes it easy for us to target companies across the world, and to contact them right away.

Differences in culture and jurisdiction

There will always be differences in culture and jurisdiction from one country to the next. For example, European employment laws are very different to those in the United States.

So the majority of cross border purchasers use international firms of accountants and lawyers. Their expertise is essential for dealing with issues when a target company is in another country.

But no matter what those issues may be, and how difficult and expensive it is to find the right solutions, the benefits of the resultant cross-border M&A deal is always worth it – for all concerned.

What WhiteEdge can do for you

As with any normal M&A deal, we first identify the opportunities you’re looking for. And because cross-border buyers are so attractive to sellers, there are many target companies which can provide you with those opportunities. Once we have identified those companies, the rest of the process is exactly as it would be for a domestic acquisition.

Cross border M&A

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