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Our business is selling your business – nothing more, nothing less

Selling a business is never a matter of impulse.  Business owners arrive at the decision to sell after a great deal of consideration.

When conditions are right for the selling process, it’s essential to appoint a business broker or an experienced M&A company.

Selling a business without either can be a recipe for disaster because it is a specialist process.

A good specialist will make sure the selling process is as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Why to sell a business, when to sell … and how

You don’t just need to be clear about why you’re selling your business – you also need to be clear about when.  If you have specific buyers with the appropriate experience in mind, so much the better.

And getting the timing right makes the difference between a successful sale and an unsuccessful one.  Some sellers find themselves hanging on too long in the business cycle, retaining aging staff.  However loyal these people may have been, they are still devaluing the business.

As for the “how” of selling a business – that’s what we’re here for.

Why choose WhiteEdge?

Selling a business shouldn’t be a gamble.  You need a thorough, efficient sales process to provide you with the best possible return.

You also need to be prepared for that process to take much longer than you’d expect.

And confidentiality is key: in many sectors the mere knowledge your business is for sale can adversely affect your staff and customers.

Selling your business through WhiteEdge is a highly confidential process, even though many people are involved.  We don’t want your staff and customers becoming anxious.  And we certainly don’t want you to feel that way, either.

So as well as guaranteeing complete confidentiality, we also provide a service which is totally open and transparent.

Selling a business

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