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Brokerage Deals

 You need a business broker for certain types of  business.
If you have a small consumer focused business like a pizza restaurant, a garage or a shop it is likely that the buyer will not be another business but an individual wanting to get into your type of business.

What’s the sales process?

We analyse your information, do our research and arrive at a valuation. If the valuation meets your expectations we will market the business.

We will list your business on the major websites and a range of other websites that might have a certain reach relevant to your business.

Handling the interested parties

We qualify all the interested parties and if they have the financial resources for the type of deal we have agreed we begin negotiating. Your information is only disclosed after non disclosure agreements have been signed so your information is totally confidential.

Businesses sold by Advertising take on average 9 months. It might be a lot faster or it might be longer. It depends on the market at that time.

The steps in selling your business

8 ways a broker helps you sell a business

Selling Business in UK
PA to the Partners

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