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Growth through acquisition

Acquisitions shouldn’t be just one-offs – good acquisitions are exponential.

Strong and rapid growth comes from wise and informed acquisitions.

WhiteEdge provides the tools for your first acquisition – and every single one afterwards.

Sourcing acquisitions for growth

“Everything is for sale”, as the saying goes.  And our years of experience tell us that most businesses – if approached in the right way with open and straightforward communication – will be responsive to a potential sale.

The right kind of offer requires the right kind of initial research and subsequent proposal.  At WhiteEdge, we tailor our proposals to appeal equally to both the seller and the buyer.  We’ve found that by doing so, we improve the chances of a sale – dramatically.

Once we have the details of the kind of deal you’ve outlined, we start targeting companies which could be interested in what you’re looking for.

These companies can include ones which are struggling, ones looking to grow but can’t due to financial restraints or ones up for sale due to retirement.

No matter what kind of potential seller we target, we make sure they can see the opportunities available to them … and a real reason to sell.


Finding sellers

As soon as we’ve identified your needs, we start looking for sellers.

It’s not an easy job – it’s hard work and requires a great deal of persistence.  Fortunately our team have the experience and expertise to find the right seller for you.

We know the right seller’s out there somewhere, however much research it takes to find them.  Once we’ve identified them, the next stage is to present them with a great opportunity.


Growth through acquisition – how WhiteEdge will help

If you’re considering growing your business through acquisition, you’ll need a solid long-term plan when it comes to effective M&A.

Every buyer has a unique opportunity to present to sellers, and we will look at your business and find the opportunity your company has to offer.

We then detail that opportunity and establish the type and nature of potential target sellers.

Next, we research those sellers in order to create bespoke proposals to highlight the benefits of selling specifically to your company.

Once negotiations start, we’ve found it’s always possible to amend our initial propositions in order to achieve the end result we’re looking for.

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