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Who will buy your business?

Trying to sell a business, without identifying your potential buying audience, is like trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. How does your buyer know you are selling?

M&A leads the way

A good starting point when selling a business is to think about who might buy your business. You probably have a few ideas; good research and an excellent network will identify many more.

Having your typical buyer in your sights will help focus your preparation and presentation

M&A specialists sell businesses every day. We are trained to look at situations in a different way, and from every angle. Often those working within a business are too close to see what a market specialist would see.

WhiteEdge M&A focuses on SME’s, niche businesses and exciting start-ups. We have an environment of ideas and fortuity. The constant exposure to innovation and opportunity enables us to quickly understand what real opportunity your business will present to the right buyer.

WhiteEdge offer two options when you are looking to sell your business. Depending on the nature of your enterprise we will either work with you as an M&A client or as a Business Brokerage client.

M&A Clients

As a Mergers and Acquisitions client we’ll work closely with you to:

  • Assess your readiness for sale
  • Make changes which immediately improve the saleability of your business
  • Make an accurate valuation
  • Present your business effectively
  • Then, we’ll thoroughly research your sector and our network to identify and directly approach the most likely buyers for your business

Business Brokerage Clients

Our full M&A service might not be suitable for you if your buyer is likely to be an individual. Our brokerage service is exactly what you want. The WhiteEdge Business Brokerage sells businesses by finding buyers through advertising on the major listing websites. We offer you the same service as our M&A clients. But rather than finding and directly approaching potential buyers, we’ll make sure your business is advertised on the right websites to reach your perfect buyer.

Are business buyers just waiting to buy?

No, they are not. It takes time to find buyers. In the mergers and acquisitions business buyers need to be identified and then presented with an opportunity. In the Business Brokerage division, the results will come from the right advertising activity.

Finding the right buyer- Our US Associate 'ValleyBiggs'

Finding buyers-get a broker

How long to sell a business

Professional M&A and Specialist Business Brokerage

We will:

  • Identify the opportunity within your business
  • Identify business buyers through research, and through advertising in the Brokerage Division
  • Value your business based on sound rationale
  • Present your business to the right people
  • Qualify buyers and negotiate your sale through to completion

A structured process based on good research and a formula that delivers

We start by looking at your business in the way any buyer might do. How do customers look at your business. How does it compare with other companies in the sector. Does anything need to be improved? Do we need a formal marketing plan or a new digital approach? Is there a healthy new business pipeline in place?

Your business needs to look good. We need to understand the deal opportunity, the value to your buyer. We need to understand what your business will mean to a potential buyer. What exactly will they gain from the purchase? How will it help their existing business? What are your USP’s? Do they have assets or expertise which are a perfect match to turn their purchase of your business into profit? We need to match features with benefits, and we need to exploit the opportunity.

Once the full opportunity within your business has been explored we need to present this in the best possible way. We need to value your business. How you present your business and lay down a pricing guide are critical components. Get it right and everything will move on smoothly. Get it wrong and the interest will disappear.

If the research has been done properly finding the buyer is just part of a process. People are always interested in a deal that will improve their own business or portfolio. If the opportunity is good and relevant then they will be interested. We research your sector and marketplace thoroughly to identify a buyer who will benefit and can make the purchase. Once we have targeted prospects, we approach them directly.

From the beginning it is important to qualify potential buyers. A lot of confidential information is passed across and a lot of time can be spent ‘chasing down a deal’. You need to know from the very beginning the seriousness, and the financial capability of a potential buyer.

Negotiating is the easy part- if your business looks good and if the opportunity is clearly identified and matches the potential buyer’s business. If your prospect buyer understands the financial implications and has confirmed at various stages their ‘intent’. Then a deal will just fall into place

Closing is the last step in the chain. Selling and buying a business is a very detailed process. People’s positions are not changed by a simple selling technique. If everything has been done properly and if the buyer is at the table, they are there to do a deal. It’s more of a negotiation based on facts. WhiteEdge M&A specialists excel at every aspect of our process. This expertise will achieve the sale of your business, and ensure every step goes smoothly for both seller and buyer.

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