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The Opportunities in your business are where we focus

Buyers are only interested in opportunities. The historical performance is a poor second to the future vision. And the future is dependent upon the opportunities the buyer can see.
It is our responsibility to focus on the opportunities and we do from the very beginning of our association.

The Opportunities within

All companies have opportunities. They will increase turnover and give the buyer a bigger client base. They might also give economy of scale savings. There are also other opportunities- new products and services and perhaps a better online presence. Key People often present buyers with important opportunities

Opportunities have a different importance for different buyers

Cross border buyers often place a greater emphasis on an existing infra structure compared to buyers in your own country. Cross border buyers want your infra structure because they want to expand and that often means a totally different approach.

Cross border buyers are looking to expand into different sectors in order to sell additional products or services. A buyer looking to expand is very different to a buyer looking to grow through economy of scale savings

Identifying Companies for sale

Key Benefits of identifying real opportunities

The whole selling process will be focused on opportunities. The historical performance of a business is important but to focus on the past is a mistake. There are usually lots of opportunities that buyers of your business will find important. We need to identify the most important and focus where the greatest gain might be.

  • We help you identify the opportunities
  • We use the opportunities to focus on our buyers
  • We match buyers to opportunities
  • We transform opportunities into financial benefits and this is what sells companies

Most company sales will have numerous financial opportunities. These range from economy of scale savings due to duplications through to immediate savings on capital requirements. There is usually a long list of financial opportunities with any company sale. Good stuff but not a reason to buy

People are usually the most important assets in a business and many people working in your business might solve serious problems in a buyers business. Buyers usually bring a new vision and this can unleash hidden talent. People are a real source of opportunity

If your company has a brand or a number of brands the opportunities may well be in having a buyer who can exploit and develop the brands through their own existing infrstricture

New approaches to an existing customer base can have a serious uplift in business. A customer base might be ideal for a buyers product range as well. With new products and more customer care resources the real opportunity might well be lying within your existing customer base.

Selling Business in UK

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